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July 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

Hello friends! I figure the best way to start off my blog is to share the love. If you’re looking for good reads or inspiration out there in the wild, wild web, here is a list of my favorite blogs which I obsessively check everyday:

1. Cup of Jo. Love you Joanna Goddard! Your blog has seriously changed my life. (No hard feelings you didn’t pick me for your internship :)

2. Rockstar Diaries. Love, love this adorable little family. Love Miss Naomi’s wardrobe.

3. Bleubird Vintage. James has such a cute little hipster family. I read about them everyday and feel like I’m part of the fam! I’ve been meaning to write her a letter so we can be pen pals!

4. The Sartorialist. Although I find Scott to be hilariously out of touch with the average lady, I love his blog and find all of his pictures completely inspiring.

5. Refinery 29. Great stuff and I love the multiple daily posts!

6. The Beauty Department. You guys taught me how to fishtail braid my hair! Thank God! Everyone has tried to show me and I just couldn’t get it until I watched your video.

7. Smitten Kitchen. World’s best food. Deb is the ultimate cook and every one of her recipes comes out flawless. Can’t wait until her cook book comes out!

(photo of my No.1 gal and sidekick Baby Kitty.)


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