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I was looking at Cup of Jo’s guide to New York and it made me start craving pizza so badly. I really, really want a slice of NY pizza now, like the one in the picture from Bronx Pizza in Hillcrest (it’s as close as I can get).

(photo via Japen G.)


nice bootie

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I’m obsessed with booties right now. I really want both of these from Urban Outfitters. The heels and the wedges are both from Kimchi Blue. They would be so cute with dresses!

(photos via Urban Outfitters)

cutest shop

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I just discovered this shop on Etsy called Details that has the sweetest little dresses. The dresses and accessories are made by a designer in Tel Aviv and they’re totally chic.

My favorites are the Adele dress and the Jackie dress.

(photos via ShlomitOfirDetails)

lace and love

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I adore this lace bag from tortillagirl on Etsy. It would be so great paired with a dress or jeans and a flow-y top. Ah, another addition to my Etsy favorites! I totally love the white version with the magenta lace.

(photo via tortillagirl)

eat cake

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I made this apple cake for my roommate’s birthday last month and it was truly delicious. The brown sugar frosting and cinnamon apples would make it the perfect fall treat!

(photo via Martha Stewart)


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I just recently discovered the show Happy Endings. My roommate kept begging me to watch it and I resisted. But then, one day while she was at work, I sat down and watch pretty much all of season one in one sitting. It’s uh-mahz-ing! (If you’ve seen the show, you know exactly what that means.)

Finally season two started last night! Looks like it’s off to a great start!

(photo via wikipedia)

makeup time

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I worked for Sephora for five years and it’s no secret that I love makeup. My favorite brand has always been Stila, even when I was too young and too poor to buy their makeup. They have great products, but I truly love their packaging and merchandising (My dream is to be an illustrator who draws their classic “Stila girls”).

I was just looking at their website and looking at the holiday collection. I want to buy everything, especially this pallette. What’s your favorite makeup brand?

(photos via Stila)

new glasses

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I need new glasses bad. I keep telling myself that as soon as I start working full-time, it’s oneĀ  of the top priorities on the list (after a yoga membership). My roomie, who really does need glasses badly, just got a new pair from Spex Club. It’s a great website I first heard about on Cup of Jo and I really want to get the same pair as my roomie. What do you think?

(photo via Spex Club, me wearing Amber’s glasses)

book love

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I just noticed the other day that we have the Design*Sponge book at work. I want to get it so badly! I love Design*Sponge and pretty much all things relating to design. Maybe I can take it home with me soon…

my favorites

September 28, 2011 § 2 Comments

Today I thought I would share some of my favorite things in my little house. I’ve tried really hard to use the resources I have to create a cute little home.

Our kitchen window box that’s always filled with plants and fun objects like our gnome and Ron Fawnson.

My favorite round Cynthia Rowley pillow (and the critters that love sitting near/on it).

My red beach cruiser that I ride around my neighborhood. I make sure the baskets are always filled with something!

Pretty objects on my dresser. I just bought the Rifle Paper Co. notebook set (left) recently and I love them. They are so beautiful that I’m too scared to use them.

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