how super

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These rings are made from superconductor. Aren’t they so cool?!

(photo via thepolkadotmagpie)


i love you elephant

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Elephants are my favorite animal. I think because they are so smart and seem like really sweet, docile animals despite their enormous size. Isn’t this print by Helen so sweet? I love the colors.

(photo via Hamjart)

i totes love this too

October 26, 2011 § 3 Comments

My second “totes love.” I’m dreaming of carrying everything I own in this adorable bag.

(photo via bookhau at home)

I’m dreaming …

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I’ve set a deadline for myself to decide whether or not I will move to the East Coast. Halloween to be exact. I’m struggling to find the right decision, but when I think about winter lately, I’ve been romanticizing snow and the thought of a white Christmas. It’s definitely not a deciding factor, but wouldn’t a snowy Christmas be dreamy?

(photo via here, here and here)

pillow love

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I was reading Rockstar Diaries this morning and I saw that Naomi’s mom just started selling these pillows. How great are they?! Her shop is called Pillows by Poppy. Check it out!

My favorite is the house with the little flowers in the windows. So cute!

(photos via Pillows by Poppy)

Project Runway just got a new accessory

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I was watching Lifetime this morning and I saw an ad for a new show called Project Accessory. How exciting?! I can’t wait to watch it. I have always loved Project Runway, even if I don’t watch every season. But I know for sure I will be watching Project Accessory!

Will you be watching it?

(photo via Lifetime)

how charming

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We started selling these really cute DIY-style charm necklaces. Basically, you choose a chain and then add the charms you want. So easy! Although they are cute, my pocket book has me thinking, why don’t I make my own version?! It would definitely be easy, but I don’t know if I have enough interesting trinkets to use.

Do you own any charmed jewelry?

(photos via anthropologie)


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How good do these apple pie cookies from Deb over at Smitten Kitchen look? She always, always has the very best recipes. I am trying to see if I have the energy to make these cookies. I hope I do because they look amazing!

(photo via Smitten Kitchen)


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I will admit it, I love Hello Kitty and still have a particular fondness for cute, plush things. I think little crocheted animals are the cutest thing and when I stumbled upon these crocheted Hello Kitty dolls, my heart was full. How sweet are they? And they’re only $29, not that bad for such a great handmade friend right?

(photos via furinn and furinn)

it’s here!

October 20, 2011 § 1 Comment

The newest J.Crew catalog arrived. I … am … in … love. I’ve been contemplating a move to the East Coast, and I have to say, the beautiful winter coats this season is another check mark for moving. The item I will be lusting over for a while though is the new Biennial Satchel. I’m drawn to the red, but I already have a red Edie bag. Would that be too much red in my life?

What item will you be lusting after this winter?

(photos via here and here)

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