do you partake?

October 7, 2011 § 1 Comment

I don’t really consider myself a “collector” of anything. Admittedly, I have many things and probably could be considered a collector of everything. The only thing I might say I collect is books. I love everything about books: the way they look, smell, feel and make me feel after reading them. And although most people like to donate or share a good book, I like to hang on to it and cherish it more.

I’m fascinated by people’s collections, do you collect anything specific?


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  • Ermilia says:

    I collect tiaras. Not the cheap plastic ones you get at Clair’s or the Icing, but not the real ones with actual gemstones (I wish). I suppose it’s part of the princess complex I never grew out of, but unlike that one Bachelor Pad competitor, I also don’t feel the need to wear them in public unless I’m in costume.

    I also collect books. I doubt my collection will ever rival my mom’s but I have four boxes packed up ready to move and still have more on my shelves. Most of them are fiction, fantasy specifically because you need to read what you write and I want to know my direct competition well once I officially enter the industry. It’s refreshing to hear someone else has not been captured by the frufru dazzle of electronic readers. Holding a book, flipping the pages, smelling the leather binding… I never want to lose that.

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