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As I mentioned the other day, moving to Pittsburgh has been a shock from San Diego. Especially in terms of how much everyone cares about sports. They care a lot here. You can read my thoughts on my blog for Cranberry Patch.



pin it to win it

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Found these yesterday …

homemade poptarts

blooming onion bread

cinnamon popovers

I must have been really hungry yesterday because I could not get off of Pinterest. All I did for an embarrassingly long period of time was repin delicious-looking food that I would want to make — and eat — in the future. Some of these things look (and sound) so good I had to share them!

(photos via Pinterest via here and here and here)

my no. 1 favorite food wrapped around my no. 3 favorite food

January 30, 2012 § 1 Comment

Once again, Deb at Smitten Kitchen has proven she is a genius. I can’t wait to try out this potato chip cookie recipe! I might try replacing the nuts with chocolate chips when I make it! (and thanks Ron Swanson for the quote!)

(photo via Smitten Kitchen)

new adventure

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Hope everyone’s weekend was wonderful! I’m really excited to start blogging for Cranberry Patch. It will be about my experience as a newcomer to the Pittsburgh area from San Diego. Although, hopefully anyone who knows what it’s like to live in a new area can relate!

Have you ever moved someplace new and completely different?

(picture of La Jolla Cove in San Diego)


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Just thought I’d share some rando (fake) Polaroids from my life. Love my FX cam app!

initial here

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Oh how I want these monogrammed necklaces! I love having my initials on anything.

(photo via the merriweather council)

tina, tina, tina

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Oh how I love t-fey! Did you notice her high school portrait on 30 Rock last week? Well so did Refinery 29 and I just had to reblog it. There will always be a special place for that lady in my heart.

(photo via Refinery 29 via 30 Rock)

sci fly

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So, since I have a lot of time on my hands, I decided to watch the short-lived series Firefly. Such a random choice, I know, but between the Big Bang Theory references and Nathan Fillion, I wanted to give it a try.

As for my opinion: I like it, but I completely understand why it didn’t last. It’s set 500 years in the future, yet everyone the crew of Serenity encounters appears to be living in the old West. I’m not talking poor, futuristic old West-type people, I’m talking like they walked onto the set of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman old West. And each character’s costume is so disjointed and different. The captain wears a Star Wars/ Han Solo-y type outfit, the mechanic dresses like she’s living in 1997, the fugitive guy dresses like he’s in a Jane Austen movie … it just doesn’t make sense. Despite all of this though, I still find all of the characters super likable and love all of their zany misadventures!

(photo via imdb)


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I would like to send some of these cards to my friends back in San Diego (or Saan Dee-aah-goo as I like to pronounce it). Aren’t they the sweetest?

(photos via Quill & Fox)


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Did you see this?! There is a Capitol Couture website that’s put together and written like an online Capitol magazine (Hunger Games, for those who don’t know). It is truly genius. Even the ads are great. I love the shoes Effie Trinket wears and her PAPERSELF eyelashes. My friend Jaymi always jokes about how we are all frivolous capitol people.

(photo via Capitol Couture cover story)

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