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September 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

For most who know me, it’s common knowledge that I’m obsessed with podcasts.

I listen to everything: WTF with Marc Maron, This American Life, RadioLab, Dinner Party Download, The Breaking Bad podcast (I listen after each episode) and one of my faves, Stuff You Should Know.

SYSK is great because it literally just explains stuff, sometimes awesome, sometimes mundane, but you always learn something new.

Recently they did an episode about lightning and I was super psyched. Ever since I moved to the East Coast, I’ve been completely fascinated by lightning. I feel like I have to explain it to my friends in California, because it basically doesn’t exist out there. Out here in Pennsylvania, it’s so intensely loud and scary and exciting. Many times I’ve been awoken out of a dead sleep from the intense light and boom.

Well, I found the podcast so interesting, I thought I would share some cool tidbits I learned:

  • Lightning is only about 1 inch thick
  • If you’re a dude reading this, I apologize, but you’re four times more likely to get hit by a lightning bolt
  • July is the most common month to get struck by lightning
  • Because light travels so much faster than sound, the number of seconds between the flash and the boom divided by five is the number of miles away it is
  • The heat generated from lightning is six times hotter than the sun (what?!)

(Cool rain photo via 20×200)


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