capsule wardrobe, pt. 2

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shirts 2

So, here are the rest of the shirts/sweaters I plan on wearing. You may have noticed I’m favoring a lot of plaid, but ’tis the season.

I have to include a chambray shirt because they’re so versatile and find myself wearing them a lot. I love my Madewell one that’s slim enough to wear open over dress or knotted with a skirt.

And below are the jackets I plan on wearing. I love this black leather blazer I have. It’s professional, but kind of edgy and I think will work a lot of ways for me. And I can’t not include a military jacket, it’s the perfect casual jacket.


(Again, not everything pictured is the *exact* same item I have. I just have some older pieces of clothing that I couldn’t find online, but the ones I found are pretty close.)

Top row: 1/ 2/ 3; Second row:1/ 2/ 3

1/ 2/ 3


the time I ate savory bread pudding

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So there’s a bunch of new restos that just opened in Pittsburgh, including Station in Bloomfield.

I was lucky enough to go to a soft-opening party a few weeks back and try some of the items, including a delicious and salty savory bread pudding, some of the best wings and a crazy good popcorn panna cotta.

If you want to know more, you can read my full review at

capsule wardrobe, pt. 1

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OK, last winter I was really inspired by the blog Un-Fancy. On the blog, Caroline chronicles her outfits/experience/etc. with a capsule wardrobe. You can read more about it here, but in short: it’s a 37-piece wardrobe that includes clothes and shoes. Purses, jewelry and other accessories are their own thing, but are kind of expected to be fairly minimal as well.

Last winter, as I said, I was inspired. Apparently not inspired enough to actually do it, though! Really more like disorganized. So this time I’m organized and ready to do it for real. I have most of the things to complete my final wardrobe, just need to get a couple pieces in the next month.

And since I’m worried about the weather changes, I’m just going to do a two-month fall capsule wardrobe through September and October. I’m afraid December might be too cold and will need different pieces.

With that in mind, above are the shirts I plan to wear (a few of the ones pictured aren’t the actual one I have, since they’re older, etc. and I couldn’t find a pic online. But you get the idea).

Row 1:
1/ 2/ 3

Row 2:
1/ 2 (similar)/ 3

Row 3:
1/ 2/ 3

let’s do this again

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Hi friends!

After a long hiatus and lots of wishy washy-ness, I’m ready to jump back into blogging.

I’m really excited to share my food blogging here, as well as *actually* doing and documenting a capsule wardrobe (I kind of tried and gave up really easy last season) and some of the fun things I’m eating/making — including dabbling in Whole 30. Woo!

What have you been up to?

(Photo is the carousel at Kennywood. It doesn’t have anything to do with anything, just liked it.)

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