the first cold day

October 3, 2015 § Leave a comment


Yesterday was the first really cold day. Granted, it was only in the 50s and it will get much, much colder, so I ain’t complainin’. But it was the first time I felt like I needed to wear boots for warmth and I finally busted out my favorite sweater. Still mostly digging the wardrobe restrictions, but there have been moments when non-capsule wardrobe shoes have called out to me or the shopping devil has tried to taunt me with a Madewell sale (And on payday! Curse you!).


last week’s sunshine

October 1, 2015 § Leave a comment

pizza pic
(Trying to keep my eyes open while staring directly into the sun)

It’s dreary and cold and I’m using it as an excuse to watch 48 Hours on demand (I’m shamelessly in love with true crime shows). So let’s look at a sunny pic from last week’s fun times! I will admit this is a slight departure from my capsule wardrobe. We went to the Penguins game after eating this entire pizza* and so I wore my Pens shirt which is not included, but I think that’s OK. Living in a sports town, it will have to be an exception. Tonight’s outfit will include a Steelers jersey too!

*We did it in one sitting and I’m so proud of us.

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