the first cold day

October 3, 2015 § Leave a comment


Yesterday was the first really cold day. Granted, it was only in the 50s and it will get much, much colder, so I ain’t complainin’. But it was the first time I felt like I needed to wear boots for warmth and I finally busted out my favorite sweater. Still mostly digging the wardrobe restrictions, but there have been moments when non-capsule wardrobe shoes have called out to me or the shopping devil has tried to taunt me with a Madewell sale (And on payday! Curse you!).


last week’s sunshine

October 1, 2015 § Leave a comment

pizza pic
(Trying to keep my eyes open while staring directly into the sun)

It’s dreary and cold and I’m using it as an excuse to watch 48 Hours on demand (I’m shamelessly in love with true crime shows). So let’s look at a sunny pic from last week’s fun times! I will admit this is a slight departure from my capsule wardrobe. We went to the Penguins game after eating this entire pizza* and so I wore my Pens shirt which is not included, but I think that’s OK. Living in a sports town, it will have to be an exception. Tonight’s outfit will include a Steelers jersey too!

*We did it in one sitting and I’m so proud of us.


September 24, 2015 § Leave a comment


I am working through my urge to shop by “thinking” (obsessing) over what I will buy for my winter capsule wardrobe. I basically will die if I don’t get these Everlane loafers. They will be in my next wardrobe. And I’m in love with this Madewell sweater. I don’t even want it, I need it to match my ankle boots …

Anyone else feel like an addict doing a capsule wardrobe? Each day I make it through it feels like I’m saying, “23 days clean now. Haven’t had a shopping fix in three weeks.”

sweater/ shoes/ bag

cute and comfy

September 23, 2015 § 1 Comment


Love how comfy this outfit is, but I’m a little undecided about this shirt. I bought it a while back and hadn’t worn it (too hot!) but decided to include it in my capsule wardrobe. However, it’s a bit thicker and not as soft as I would have thought, so it doesn’t really lay like I thought it would.

Oh well, I’m hoping a few more wears will soften it. But I am super excited to finally have some Madewell Billie Boots (thank you sale). I will likely not take them off until next Spring.

that time someone else took my photo

September 21, 2015 § 1 Comment


(Here’s what I look like outdoors …)


(And while waiting for public transportation!)

OK, here are some non-selfie photos from day 17. I have to say I’m still enjoying the whole capsule wardrobe thing. I don’t find it restrictive or frustrating yet and like thinking of new ways to pair my stuff together.

There are a couple of times I have *really* wanted to buy something, but I’m trying really hard not to cheat and haven’t so far! (Fingers crossed).

it’s still summer

September 17, 2015 § Leave a comment


Although this is my fall capsule wardrobe, today was decidedly summery. It’s been really hot the last few days, so this chambray dress and sandals were my go-to. Plus I threw on my “vacation hat.”

Did I vacation though? No. But I did go to Target and get a Caboodle (yes, that Caboodle) to reorganize my makeup and it was my day off, so pretty big day lol.

And I promise to try to take better pictures than my creeper shots from the guest bedroom mirror.

capsule wardrobe, pt. 4

September 16, 2015 § Leave a comment


Printed/ Pink/ Black

Skirtssss!!!! … and dresses. This is the last of what I’ll show you, since you don’t need a zillion pic of jeans to see what they look like. You know what jeans look like. But I will be sporting theses skirts, including two awesome Madewell skirts I love and my fave black knit dolphin hem skirt from Bella Luxx.

And I’m a big dress gal, so I picked a couple out including my fave Madewell chambray dress, Urban Outfitters plaid dress and American Eagle knit swing dress.


Chambray/ Knit/ Plaid

quick pic from a guest bedroom mirror

September 15, 2015 § 1 Comment


OK, here’s my first outfit post … two weeks after I started. It’s finally getting kind of cool around here so I jumped on the opportunity to wear my best grandma sweater and new fall shoes. I have to say it’s a super comfy outfit and my new ASOS kicks are pretty easy to walk around it too. I almost kind of hate (but love) buying new shoes because breaking them in just sucks so bad. So, I’m happy to have found a comfy pair.

Also, I have swapped around a few items from my original list of clothes. Instead of buying a peasant shirt, I’m wearing my fave gray tank that’s perfect for layering and am using a long-sleeved striped tee I forgot I had, instead of three plaid shirts.

capsule wardrobe, pt. 3

September 2, 2015 § 1 Comment


It’s time for my favorite part: shoes! I love shoes. This was my favorite part of planning my capsule wardrobe (although I’m embarrassed that this is a mere fraction of my shoe collection, but I guess that’s the point). I have to say, I’m a bit of a Madewell addict, so more than half of my shoes are from them.

As much as I like cute shoes and heels, I was trying to be realistic and choose shoes that I will actually wear and find comfortable. Granted my ankle strap sidewalk skimmers are still being broken in from the spring and for some reason my Vans tear up the backs of my heels if I walk for a long time in them. But … I just got a new bike that I plan to ride to work and around town, so I think they’ll be perfect for that and cuter than my running shoes.

Tall boots/ Red Wedges (similar, but taller)/ Oxfords/ Billie Boots/ Chelsea Boots (this season’s)/ Ballet Flats/ Slingbacks/ Skimmers (similar this season)/ Vans

capsule wardrobe, pt. 2

August 31, 2015 § Leave a comment

shirts 2

So, here are the rest of the shirts/sweaters I plan on wearing. You may have noticed I’m favoring a lot of plaid, but ’tis the season.

I have to include a chambray shirt because they’re so versatile and find myself wearing them a lot. I love my Madewell one that’s slim enough to wear open over dress or knotted with a skirt.

And below are the jackets I plan on wearing. I love this black leather blazer I have. It’s professional, but kind of edgy and I think will work a lot of ways for me. And I can’t not include a military jacket, it’s the perfect casual jacket.


(Again, not everything pictured is the *exact* same item I have. I just have some older pieces of clothing that I couldn’t find online, but the ones I found are pretty close.)

Top row: 1/ 2/ 3; Second row:1/ 2/ 3

1/ 2/ 3

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